Why become an affiliate?

What is our product?

RedFoxLotto’s service is selling lottery tickets online. What we do is offer clients from all over the World a way to participate in lotteries with huge jackpots, such as the US Mega Million and Powerball, or big European lotteries like Euromillions, Eurojackpot, and SuperEnaLotto.

Through us, clients can purchase tickets for lotto jackpots from countries other than their own. In order to make that possible, we work with a number of agents situated in the countries where the lotteries are being held. Once a ticket has been ordered online, one of those agents buys it for our clients. Once this is done, we confirm the purchase to our client. Whenever a ticket is bought through us, we handle the payout to our customers as well.

You may have heard the term “secondary lottery market” – that is the term for this market. Lotto being a multi-billion industry, not every lotto fan wants to be restricted to their own local lottery (if there is one). The demand for our ticket service is very high. Especially when news about some jackpot reaching enormous amounts makes headlines all around the World, online tickets are “flying off the shelves”, so to speak.

Reasons to promote RedFoxLotto

Great conversions

Our site https://redfoxlotto.com has been streamlined to make the purchase process as straightforward and easy as possible. This is important to guarantee a high conversion rate. The better we convert your traffic, the more money you will make.

Excellent customer retention

Lifetime customer value is one of the best aspects of this industry. A high percentage of our clients come back and buy more tickets week after week, for years to come!

A variety of payment processors is equally important

We strive to offer many options here. This is important to make sure that visitors from any country have an easy way to pay for their purchased tickets. That said, credit card payment still holds the lion’s share for most sales. But options like Bitcoin and eWallets are becoming more and more important.

We have pledged to run an honest and ethical affiliate program. Most of the programs in this specific industry have a reputation for cheating their affiliates in one way or another. The RedFoxLotto brand was established by a former affiliate. And it is the same former affiliate who is in charge of the affiliate program. Please read this article about affiliating and ethics – it will help you to better understand where we are coming from.

Commission rates above industry standard

Earn up to 30% of the net sales value generated by you. See this article for details about our commission structure.

Second-tier affiliating

That means that if you bring in additional sub-affiliates, you will earn a percentage of their commissions as well.

Punctual payment of commissions

We pay your commissions for the last month on the 15th of the following month. You can choose from a number of options to get paid.

Who can become an affiliate, and how can you promote us?

Well, literally everyone! You may have a website that is related to the lottery. If that is the case, you will find that your conversion rate will be high because our product speaks to your audience.

Or you have a website about any other subject and you are looking at ways to monetize your traffic. Everyone loves to play the lotto, and your earnings will mostly depend on the amount of traffic that your website has.

Email lists are a great tool to generate new clients. We do not condone spamming, so please make sure that your email list contains only such contacts that have opted in to receive marketing emails from you.

Some of our affiliates employ offline strategies to promote us. They build their own lottery website with affiliate links pointing towards RedFoxLotto.com. Then they hand out flyers, business cards, and other marketing materials promoting their own website, thus generating traffic, and finally sales on RedFoxLotto.com.