Ethics and affiliate marketing

You may be surprised to find a reference to ethics on the website of an affiliate program. We agree it is unusual.

But it is an important topic for us. You see, both and this affiliate program are run by former affiliates. We have been working with the same companies that you have worked with (or may still be working with). After more than 12 years in the gambling affiliate business, we have seen a lot of bad stuff. Revenue shaving, changes in T+Cs resulting in loss of income for the affiliate, late or no payment, getting your clients stolen from us (or from fellow affiliates), we have seen it all.

This is, unfortunately, an industry where bad things happen to hard-working affiliates all the time. That is why we decided to take a step forward. We established a product of our own – Our marketing plan is simple – it is based to 100% on online affiliate marketing.

Having been affiliates ourselves, we pledge to run a 100% ethical and honest affiliate program. Yes, they all say we won’t do this, won’t do that. But we mean what we say.

Here’s what you can expect from us

  • A deal is a deal! That means if we say that you will get a share of revenues generated by you for the lifetime of clients brought in by you, we mean it. We will not change our mind about that, ever.
  • We will never manipulate earnings reports to reduce our overheads. Nor will we ever remove clients from your account. We want you to be as successful as possible. You are our business partners, and our success depends on you!
  • We will pay you on time – you have obligations and expenses as well, and we understand that.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or need our help. Use the “Contact” form in the top menu bar. Let’s get together and see that we both can make some money!