Get your marketing tools for RedFoxLotto

At this time, the affiliate backend has all the functions that you need although it may seem a little bit basic. We are still working on more functionalities like quick stats overview and more report functions. Also, more marketing materials will soon be available in the affiliate backend. At the moment, a number of dynamic banners are available. Once your affiliate account has been activated, we will send you an email with a .zip file containing more gif banners in a large number of sizes and languages. More dynamic widgets (numbers picker displays, latest results, highest jackpots list etc.) will also be available soon.

Once that is done, you will be able to see a list of the different types of marketing materials in the backend. You will have the option to browse them, set filters for size and language, and assign your dedicated campaigns to them.

The implementation of the aforementioned functions in the affiliate backend will be finished around July 2019. We appreciate your patience until that date.

If you need anything more specific, please contact us. We will try to provide you with any possible help in order to improve your traffic and conversions.


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How to get started as an affiliate marketeer

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